BT45 SM45

“I never wanted more until I met you.” This phrase from “50 Shades of Gray” is the best motto for the BT45 SM45 kitchen.
Inspired by the famous book by E.L. James, this design is sophisticated, honest, warm, witty, seductive, the list is endless.
Signature BT45 Nero marquina marble is used for cladding island cabinets and tall backwall doors. Matching marble panels add a sense of luxury, style and prerogative.
A second island is specially designed below to create a seating area or coffee table and allow this modern kitchen to integrate more easily into the open floor plan.
The designer played with different heights to add three-dimensional depth to the kitchen architecture. The levitating glass cabinet is designed to display cool and precious items.
The kitchen has all the appliances and there is also a bar. Dark eucalyptus doors complement the marble doors and enhance their beauty. But the main element is hidden: “It’s right outside this door. My playroom…”