The dialogue between the dark front, seen here in Ceramic Basalt Gray effect, and genuine black leather produce an atmosphere reminiscent of a chic bar – particularly, the automated roller shutter “climber” at the bar and pocket door system which houses the BT45 coffee serving base unit.
The Miele oven, coffee machine, and backlit shelf element perfectly underscore this impression just as the seamless island that emphasizes the horizontal axis with deliberately chosen Basalt Gray worktop adds character, reinforcing the solid look.
The finely marbled and genuine black leather surface presents a tone of exclusivity and quality.
The light-footed cooking counter and PITT cooktop with its ceramic worktop provide the perfect workstation for gourmands with the penchant for things that are different.
Of course, BT45 accessories complete the kitchen! The internal drawers preserve the calm look of the front panel architecture.