BT45 – tailored quality kitchens ‘Made in Germany’

Developed by BauTeam and manufactured in Germany according to the strictest quality criteria using components that are only obtained from the best European suppliers. Our tailored quality kitchens and accessories are the result when the best materials and planning solutions come together. BT45 products are equipped with a complete set of elegant accessories made of black oak in a matt black finish.


“The path to your dream kitchen”

From consultation to completion, your dedicated BT45 designer and project manager helps create the right kitchen for you. Utilizing components that are
quality-tested to guarantee longevity, safety and suitability of purpose, BT45 offers a bespoke solution for you and your family’s unique needs. Make an
appointment with the BT45 design team. At this initial consultation, the team will discuss your kitchen with list and the project’s specifications. Working
directly with you, your architect or designer, BT45 ensures that all elements of your kitchen will meet your functional, budget and aesthetic requirements.

Step 1


Based on your brief, the BT45 design team will present a layout and cost estimate and discuss kitchen specifics with you. Over the course of a few meetings, the team will refine the design to meet your needs. Our showroom kitchens allow you to experience, touch and feel finishes and fitting to discover just how your kitchen will take shape.

Step 2


Once the design, materials and costs have been approved by you, the design team produces plans and elevations of the kitchen. A full package of technical information is then issued when the order is placed. Your kitchen is then manufactured to you specifications, tested and fully assembled in Germany, for delivery to house.

Step 3


An in-house installation team will project-manage the construction of your BT45 kitchen, working with your builder and architect to meet you time lines. From initial preparations and on-site inspections though to final installation, every detail is covered to accurately and efficiently match specifications.

Tailor Made

Made in Germany with strict quality control standards using components sourced form the best European suppliers, BT45 kitchens are the result of what happens when superior materials and planning solutions unite.

The Experts

BT45’s kitchen designers bring the very highest levels of experience, expertise and professionalism to their work and are proud to uphold these standards across every project.


Beautiful finishes, such as bronzed glass, mirror, marble and tactile wood veneers bring texture and luxury to your kitchen.

We are the kitchen tailors.

German made with unsurpassed technology


Our kitchens have been telling the story of creativity and German design which are forever tied to innovation and quality. All components are manufactured and fully assembled in Germany to exacting standards using laser-scanning technology. This gives our team complete confidence that we are delivering superior workmanship that you are unlikely to find from local joiners. Attention to detail, the finest materials and design innovation all
work seamlessly together to give life to an exclusive German tailored kitchen. It’s not just about realizing beautiful aesthetics, Tailored kitchens provide reliability and peace-of-mind For a long-lasting kitchen in your home.