BT45 MI45

Inspired by a hero of MI5 (British Military intelligence, Section 5) James Bond, this MI45 modern kitchen is designed in the best tradition of the Secret Intelligence Service Design.
The super-spy “double-0 -seven” is famous by his always perfectly tailored stylish and fashionable look. He seems to know how to do everything. And he always relies on the fantastic technology which lays somewhere in the haze between reality and fiction. So is MI45 kitchen.
The most innovative German technologies, exclusive materials and tailored design are masterfully put together to make jealous the most sophisticated secret agent.
The most innovative Blocks Island design concept will be presented as a part of BT45 MI45 kitchen. 3 perfectly shaped African Saint Laurent marble blocks with real brass mitered edges. The marble blocks look magically levitating in the air.
Handless book matched drawer fronts are designed to emphasize the capability and the technological superiority of the German manufacturing process. Each island represents a certain kitchen function with the best technologically advanced features and accessories. Lift up hidden storage reveals the kitchen tools only when you need them and keeps the minimalistic sophisticated look for the rest of the time.