The original charm of a kitchen, the feeling of coming home, the sense of refuge and the scent of tasty meals – the best place to experience all this is in a kitchen built with Premium American Walnut – the aura of this Premium, soft, warm wood and its resinous fragrance creates a natural primitiveness with its own very special homely charm. Virtually no other surface finish symbolizes such perfection and is perceived as being so representative.
It is instinctively in combination and attractively contrasts with the natural roughness and perfection of “the” island crafted flawlessly with 45 degree edges in Carrara marble.
The full effect of natural mood and a calming room climate unfolds in a spaciousness matching the modern alpine architecture which attaches greater value to natural materials.
The architecture of the kitchen is also impressive, reduced to just a handful of elements. The freestanding cooking island in front of a row of tall units blend harmoniously with the wall.