Classic or modern? Why choose when the best of both design worlds can be brought together to create a unique kitchen.
This sumptuous modern kitchen can be the centerpiece of the most sophisticated museum or art gallery.
Three symmetrically positioned vertical units with black leather doors, framed by 45-degree panels, hide the most important kitchen items: a large 36-inch refrigerator, 36-inch freezer, coffee maker and 30-inch oven, creating the desired luxurious look of furniture.
The gorgeous BT45 The K kitchen is designed with the signature island, which combines a Nero Marquina block with a dark wood block. Each drawer is fully equipped with BT45 branded accessories and organizers.
It also includes a hidden beverage cabinet that rises automatically from the remote control. An architectural approach to design and a cozy atmosphere add brutality to the kitchen. At the same time, the warm texture of dark wood makes the kitchen very authentic and fits perfectly into the overall design of the room.
Luxurious, stylish, unique and simply perfect.